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Warehouse Management System (WMS) Manager jobs

Keeping on top of the comings and goings of a busy warehouse is a complex and non-stop task. Logistics and supply chain planners will go out of their way to ensure that! Their ultimate aim is to make warehouses drop-off and pick-up points for raw materials, components and completed and intermediate products that sit on the shelves for as little time as possible before being processed into profit-making items.

Maintaining the optimum operation of a warehouse takes a lot of work. As well as the physical space that is occupied by goods, there is the constant need for staffing, security checking and accounting as the items are processed on and off the shelves. The warehouse management system is now a common, almost ubiquitous sight in the modern warehouse, and the complexity that comes with warehousing for, say, supermarket consignments relies entirely on it.

The WMS manager will be in control of the system, possibly on a shift rota, and will need to make sure it is working as planned, both in terms of the smooth operation of the software and keeping it updated as regards the current business demands, but also with the physical aspects of it, such as the essential radio data terminals, the failure of which can cause the system to run at snail’s pace. It’s a high pressure job, but anyone with the correct attributes will thrive on the pressure and be a trusted element in the warehouse’s operations.

The skills required

IT is at the heart of this role, and the WMS manager will be someone well versed in the operation of such systems. Although the back  end IT will in all likelihood be dealt with by third parties, minor glitches and known operational issues might be down to the WMS manager to overcome. The operation of all hardware will also be the WMS manager’s responsibility. From the routine maintenance to dealing with major hardware issues, it will be up to the manager to ensure that the platform has something to run on.

Where delegation takes place, the WMS manager will need to have an approachable yet authoritative personality, and experience in a similar managerial role will help with doing this effectively. Communication with both staff, management and IT suppliers will be regular, and must be clear and concise.

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WMS Manager Jobs in Darlington

Anyone familiar with the history of railways will already be familiar with the name Darlington. The 26-mile Stockton and Darlington railway was the first commercial railway in the world, opened in 1825 to great acclaim. Within 50 years, the railway system covered the whole country, and many of the mainlines remain in place today. Because of its early adoption, Darlington became a centre of engineering, with several of the large companies, including Robert Stephenson & Co., setting up there.

Bridge building and engineering are still strongly associated with the town. The Darlington name is embossed on bridges the world over, and many a lorry driver will be familiar with the name Cummins, the American engineering firm that makes diesel engines among many other things, which has a plant in Darlington employing around 700 people.

Darlington was originally a market town, part of the reason it required a rail link, and that remains today, with much of the surrounding area being served by its shopping area. Its largest single employer is Orange, which has a call centre there. The town is well served by rail, air and road, with great links to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool. With so much engineering and commerce going on, and a mobile population, Darlington is a great place to look for WMS Manager jobs, so please get in touch if you’re in the area looking for this kind of work.

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