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Sector Overview

Between 2013 and 2020, the retail sector is anticipated to grow by 54,800, with the majority of opportunities existing at a managerial level. Highly skilled managers are increasingly in demand owing to technology, changing customer trends and more streamlined, cohesive supply chain models.

  • The retail sector is the UK’s largest private sector employer, with 2.9 million employees.
  • Customer service is critical in an incredibly competitive retail market, where two-way conversations are instant via global social channels.
  • There are approximately 287,000 retail outlets in the UK.
  • 66% of all retail employees work for the largest 75 retail companies.
  • More than a third of consumer spending goes through shops – though this may change with anticipated growth in online spending.
  • Retail’s current gender split is 58:42 (female/male).

Sector Details

There are significant career opportunities in retail in a wide range of roles, from commercial buying across the globe to supply chain management. It’s a great sector for developing management skills and can involve overseeing large, multi-discipline teams.

  • We recruit a broad spectrum of roles in retail, from buying and merchandising to warehouse, distribution and supply chain management.
  • In additional to technical ability, skills such as leadership, innovation and commercial understanding are highly valued.
  • The sector offers plenty of opportunity for career progression, with the potential to achieve management status at a relatively early age.

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