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E-sourcing Manager jobs

The modern procurement operation can take place entirely online, with secure networks set up between clients and suppliers to make the entire sourcing, contract drafting and procurement cycle simple, fast, accountable and reliable. This is called E-sourcing (electronic sourcing, eSourcing).

In charge of the E-sourcing operation will be the E-sourcing manager. The role can involve being dropped into the process at any stage, and employment will be based upon the appropriate ability and experience. Some companies, for example, might be new to E-sourcing and will expect the manager to take the job from nothing to full roll-out, which could include negotiating deals with solutions providers and overseeing the technical implementation. More often, however, the E-sourcing manager will be in charge of a system that is already running, and although training will be given, experience in this method of procurement will be advantageous.

As well as the electronic element, the E-sourcing manager will also be expected to build and maintain business relationships with suppliers. This is good practice and pays dividends when there is a problem to solve through discussion and negotiation.
In larger companies, the role will probably involve overseeing a department and managing people, so skills in that direction would certainly be a great help.

The skills required

Since the daily work of the E-sourcing manager will involve a good deal of time spent on computers and in networks, excellent IT skills will usually be sought by employers looking to fill this role. Familiarity with specific systems will probably be an advantage but there are several off-the-shelf solutions and many bespoke solutions in the industry, expertise on one of them will be no guarantee of experience.

Being able to communicate well will help oil the wheels of the procurement effort. In-system negotiations will arrive at deals, but the face-to-face meetings and other link-ups with suppliers will be just as important. There will also need to be excellent lines of communication with those underneath the manager in order to better interpret company aims, as well as with those in senior positions in order to ensure corporate goals have been understood properly.

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E-Sourcing Manager Jobs in Dartford

At the eastern side of the London conurbation, just to the south of the Thames, a few hundred metres of agricultural land separate the city from its neighbour Dartford. As the crow flies, Dartford is about 14 miles (23 km) from the centre of London. The M25 cuts right through the middle of the town and becomes the Dartford tunnel if you’re heading north (anticlockwise) or the Queen Elizabeth Bridge if you’re heading south (clockwise). Interestingly, the tunnel and bridge are not technically part of the motorway – they form the A282 so that vehicles not permitted to use the motorway can use them – so the M25 is not a complete loop.

Dartford has a long industrial history, with brewing, paper-making, cement making, lime-burning, chalk mining, chemical manufacturing and heavy engineering all going on, with a ready market just up the river in London. However, as the twentieth century wore on, most of these industries died out and Dartford’s service sector got stronger, alongside plentiful light industry. Nowadays there are several trading and industrial estates around the town, and the old Blue Circle Cement factory was demolished and the land used for the huge Bluewater shopping centre. Next to the river is Littlebrook oil-fired power station.

With plenty of industry sill in existence in the town, fantastic connections and one of the UK’s largest shopping centres on its doorstep, Dartford is a prime location for E-Sourcing Manager jobs. It is also a large town, whose population tops 85,000, or 100,000 if the whole borough is taken into account. Opportunities in the logistics sector could hardly be more promising than those presented by Dartford’s profile.

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