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ERP System Developer

With enterprise resource planning software such a ubiquitous part of any large business’s IT structure, there comes a time when companies need to hire a dedicated ERP developer to keep the software running, plan and implement upgrades and integrations, personalise the solution to meet the company’s unique needs, or perform ongoing maintenance and repair of the system. 

In rarer cases, a business might be developing its own ERP system from the ground up, or making a heavily modified version of an open source solution. Here, ERP development is a large project that might require UX developers, project managers, graphic designers and other specialists. In all cases, the role requires an in-depth knowledge of how ERPs operate and integrate with other software, and how to design and develop APIs, tools and plugins to achieve the company’s strategic ERP goals.

The skills required

ERP development is a broad term, covering bespoke programming or expertise in specific software from mainstream suppliers, so it’s important to check the details of any ERP system developer jobs you see advertised. You’ll almost certainly be part of a group of developers, but at least you’ll be regularly liaising with stakeholders for whom you are developing the ERP, so team players are always valued.

This role can often be carried out remotely, too, and with a global need for experienced ERP developers, it might be a necessary part of the job. If you have a project management level position, you could well be overseeing a team, in which case interpersonal, delegation and potentially recruitment skills would be beneficial.

ERP System Developer Jobs in Clackmannanshire

Clackmannanshire is a small county in Scotland’s central Lowlands, bordered by Fife, Stirlingshire and Perthshire. It gets its name from the town of Clackmannan, which used to be the county town, but now the administrative centre is the larger Alloa, with its 20,000 population. Because Clackmannanshire is Scotland’s smallest county, it is often referred to as “The Wee County”.

The county is mainly agricultural in nature, and has traditionally been known for its brewing industries. With Stirling and Dunfermline close by, and good links to Edinburgh and Glasgow, it’s actually quite a good central location in Scotland, and ERP System Developer jobs will occasionally appear in the area, most likely in Alloa.

Popular locations

ERP system developers needed

ERP developers are in demand from the whole range of business, from multinational blue chips to SMEs. A diverse skill set and a proven ability to apply those skills to programming ERP systems can be immensely valuable to them. If you’re an ERP developer looking for great companies to work for, please get in touch – we might be able to help.

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