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Logistics operations are often 24/7 in nature, and clients’ demands are the single most important factor if satisfaction and profitability are to be maintained. Their deliveries and collections will all be part of a supply chain that cannot be broken, slowed down or even speeded up without serious consequences. For this reason logistics companies will need to stay on top of all their deliveries and know the whereabouts of their entire fleet at any given moment, and they need to have future routes planned to the minute.

This complex task is overseen by the freight manager. He or she will be tasked with organising the movements of the fleet in response to customer demands and schedules. Since the movement of goods can take place over road, sea, air and rail, there will necessarily be certain elements of the journey that are out of the drivers’ control. The freight manager will need to ensure delivery by having contingency plans where possible, but at minimum he or she must keep customers informed of any transportation issues and give updated ETAs.

Ultimately, however, the freight manager’s job will be to introduce and/or maintain profitability and efficiency into the system. This will be done by teamwork with the various managers and other staff, and will be the result of detailed planning and application of plans. Efficiency can be brought about by negotiating fuel contracts, optimising routes and loads, maintaining correct staffing levels, setting up backhaul arrangements and such like. It’s an all-encompassing job that suits alert and driven people.

The skills required

Managing a team of office staff, planners and drivers will require superb people management and communications skills. With a busy depot under you control, there could be dozens of journeys ongoing at any moment, and keeping on top of them all and optimising them for efficiency can be a juggling act, but ideal applicants will be cool headed types who know how to prioritise the important things and not get bogged down with the minor ones.

Much of the work will be carried out using IT solutions, both in-house bespoke systems and widely available office suites. The planning of journeys in the modern freight industry is almost entirely digitised, with tracking, planning and comms often taking place under the same blanket environment. An above average working understanding of IT solutions and protocols will therefore be a huge benefit to applicants, especially if he or she has experience of the system the employer uses.

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Freight Manager Jobs in Loughborough

Loughborough is a town in the north of Leicestershire, close to the Nottinghamshire border. It has been a market town since the Middle Ages, serving the cities and villages in the vicinity, but it is perhaps best known in modern times for its university. Loughborough is in the middle of a triangle formed by Leicester, Nottingham and Derby (all of which have their counties named after them), which are all roughly 10 miles (16 km) distant. Loughborough is served by the M1 motorway, and the A6 runs through the town on its way to Leicester. The town has good railway links to the aforementioned cites.

Loughborough University is generally regarded as being one of the best universities in the nation, but if its sports and engineering subjects are isolated, it could easily be in the top three or four. Much groundbreaking research has gone on in these fields, and the university attracts sporting coaches and strategists, aerospace engineers and students of certain crossover disciplines such as motor racing. Although best known for these technical disciplines, the university does offer the full range of subjects.

Loughborough is not particularly industrialised, but it does have several technical and research parks that are linked to the university. The town remains a thriving market town and the student population ensures its entertainment and nightlife needs to be kept well stocked. Taken together, this could be promising for anyone seeking Freight Manager work in Loughborough itself, but with three quite industrialised cities on the doorstep, the outlook appears even brighter.

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