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Head of Ecommerce

Ecommerce is going through a revolution, with a growth of the D2C model allowing some manufacturers to cut out retailers altogether. That’s not to say that traditional retail operations are going away, of course – it’s a model that offers sales benefits to manufacturers and offers choice to consumers. But in logistics, ecommerce jobs are now highly sought-after, with opportunities to reach head of ecommerce an attractive prospect.

Specific roles vary from company to company, but most logistics ecommerce executives will be overseeing teams charged with sourcing packaged products or raw materials on the one hand, and delivery of products to retailers or consumers on the other.

You’ll be in regular contact with sales and marketing teams, as well as the backend developers for consumer websites or business-to-business solutions. Depending on the size of the company, you’ll be reporting directly to the board or to other ecommerce directors.

The skills required

Head of ecommerce job descriptions vary over the industry, but essentially you’ll be the person who understands all aspects of seasonality and demand for the relevant industry, and will need to ensure warehousing and fulfillment depots are stocked and staffed to meet demand.

You’ll be an excellent communicator but also someone who can bury their head in a spreadsheet and get to grips with the warehousing and fulfillment visibility solutions you’ll be using. And since new products are constantly coming on stream, you’ll have the analytical mindset to cope with change efficiently.

Head of Ecommerce Jobs in Guildford

Located 26 miles (46 km) south west of the centre of London , Surrey's county town Guildford is a historic setting in England's South. For a time, between the 10th and the 13th centuries the Royal Mint was located here, and that's not the town's only association with precious things – the “Guild” part of its name relates to gold. Guildford's castle was built during this time, too.

Guildford was one of the first towns to have a canal dug through it, in the mid-1600s, about 100 years before the national boom in canals. Named the Wey Navigation, it linked directly to the River Thames to allow the fast transportation of heavy goods to and from the capital. Although the town has never been the location of heavy industry, it has always been a good place to do business, and that is certainly true today, with several international companies having offices or head offices there. The list includes Philips Electronics, Colgate-Palmolive, Ericsson, Allianz, Electronic Arts and Sanofi. Since EA is not the only major video game producer in town, Guildford has something of a reputation of being an entertainment software capital.

Guildford is a reasonably affluent town and is a firm favourite among London's commuters who still want to live in a thriving town with plenty going on. Its population is around 70,000, and there are places such as the Surrey Research Park with plenty of exciting innovations being developed. Despite the lack of heavy industry, Head of Ecommerce positions do come up in Guildford, and we're best placed to locate them when they arise.

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