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If change and transformation are to be successful, particularly in large and complex organisations, it’s often not good enough to rely on departmental managers to apply change dictated by the board. That is why companies who are serious about ensuring C&T goes smoothly employ teams dedicated to delivering their projects, and these teams are led by heads of projects. The head of projects can mean quite a wide range of things depending on the business. Sometimes it is one of a number of project managers dealing with a small number of distinct workstreams in a department; other times the head of projects is a board level employee overseeing a whole company and all its projects.

Whatever the nature of the role, the head of projects is in charge of ensuring the right people are in place and that they are all working to hit the milestones set either by the head of project or the board. They form the line of communication between the workforce on the ground and the key decision-makers, and report regularly to the board and possibly its clients on the progress of projects.

The skills required

Communication is at the heart of the head of project role. Whether the company has decided on the direction and timing of the project or whether you are at the helm, designing and overseeing it on a daily basis, your success depends upon the quality of information that flows from top to bottom and vice versa.

Experience of project management to a relevant level is an important qualification for the role, and if it is experience gained in the same sector as the company seeking a head of projects, so much the better. You need to demonstrate an ability to manage a team in whatever field is appropriate to a high standard, with evidence of hitting milestones and delivering complex projects on time and on budget.

Head of Projects Jobs in Hereford

Herefordshire is a county full of small towns, as is proved by the fact that its county town, Hereford, has a population of just 55,000 and is the county’s most populous settlement. It is located right in the middle of the county, which is wedged between Wales to the west and Worcestershire to the east. The town itself is 45 miles (73 km) south west of Birmingham, the same distance south of Shrewsbury and 25 miles (40 km) north west of Cheltenham. The nearest motorway is the M50, which comes to an abrupt stop 10 miles from the city limits.

One of the reasons for Herefordshire’s low population is that the county is largely agricultural; the Hereford is one of the UK’s most famous cattle breeds. Hereford cider is also well known. We all remember Woodpecker Cider, Hereford lightning … Don’t we? Hereford was a market town as well as a centre for religion and governance.

In modern times, Hereford is a hard working town, and still has a reputation for brewing and agricultural products. Bulmers makes Strongbow, Bulmers Cider and the aforementioned Woodpecker, but there are also Spinning Dog brewery, Wye Valley brewery and Weston’s Cider to keep the locals occupied (some of it makes it out of town too). With such a strong and popular market for nationally known products, Hereford could be a good place to seek Head of Projects work at the moment.

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