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Materials, planning and logistics (MP&L) is the blanket name for the activities that make up the supply chain, and is often thought of as the “big picture” approach as opposed to focusing in on specific elements of the chain. The idea is that efficiency will be achieved because it is often the interactions between the supplied parties that causes snarl-ups. Having materials delivered too early or in too great a quantity, for example, can cause stockpiling problems; even though it is probably more efficient to deliver in greater bulk, any cost benefits can be lost in the storage surplus.

The M, P and L manager will be in charge of a supply chain team whose job will be to keep the whole process running smoothly, anticipate and act on potential problems, achieve ever greater efficiency and ultimately keep the customers happy.

As manager, you will be assigning team members to certain jobs which will largely be centred on gathering performance data and being the company’s points of contact for their relevant accounts. While their information will be focused, you as manager will be in charge of the big picture, working out ways of making the system better, alongside analysts and other managers.

The skills required

As with any management post, being able to deal with people will be a key skill. Being receptive to suggestions as well as taking instructions from above will help keep the office running smoothly and harmoniously. However, knowing when to apply your authority and expertise to a given situation will help maintain the unified objectives of the supply chain in place.

There will be a good deal of data gathering, analysis and manipulation in the role. A good head for mathematics will stand you in good stead, but perhaps more importantly, a strong aptitude for IT applications will be required, as that will be the usual way of handling data and making forecasts. Although existing IT experience will be useful, you may find that the new employer uses its own bespoke system, in which case an ability to pick up software solutions quickly will be helpful.

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Applicants approach Cast UK for many reasons. They might be seeking more job fulfilment, they could have been made redundant or they might simply be relocating for family reasons, so it’s good to know that we always have the complete range of positions available nationwide. Please see what’s available in your region and if you’ve seen something you’re interested in, do get in touch – whether it’s today or tomorrow, we might have the ideal position for you.

Cast UK’s founder members and consultants all come from the logistics, procurement and supply chain sectors, so we know what employers and candidates are looking for in their staff and careers respectively. Cast UK is a growing force in the UK recruitment industry, mainly because these are the only sectors we deal with. That means that many employers often come to us first to create a candidate shortlist because they know we’re tightly focused on delivering the best people to them.

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M P and L Manager Jobs in East Anglia

Situated on the North Sea, East Anglia is a region that includes counties like Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, as well as the city of Peterborough.

Up until the 17th century, most of the region was marshland. A network of river diversions and drainage systems built in the 1600s allowed the area to be converted to arable land and the population began to increase.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, East Anglia was known for its textile production, but much of this industry moved north to the Midlands during the 18th and 19th centuries.

One of the most famous institutions in the region is the University of Cambridge, which is one of the world's oldest educational establishments. A near-by cluster of tech businesses - the so-called Silicon Fen - comprises a number of start-up companies, most of which can be linked to the university.

Much of East Anglia's economy is based in agriculture and food production and offers a broad range of opportunities for those seeking M P and L Manager vacancies.

Colman's mustard is manufactured in the region, as is Robinsons squash. A Bernard Matthews turkey farm is located near Weston Longville and Aunt Bessie's roast potatoes are made in Westwick. Meanwhile, Premier Foods manufactures Hartley's Jam, Smash instant potatoes and Rose's Marmalade. In addition, Bird's Eye has two factories in the region.

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