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No matter how competent a company’s operative team is, any major project needs a representative at board level to ensure the milestones are conceived based on the realistic aims of the board and that they are met. The project director oversees this process by advising the board when change or transformation is planned and then seeing it through by liaising with the relevant managers.

It is important that someone with executive powers and experience fills this role, as well-intentioned managers might be reluctant to challenge impossible goals set from the top, and change and transformation may stall when issues build up to a critical level. Having a director overseeing the project ensures the project has an advocate for both the board and the business operatives, thus ensuring it runs smoothly.

The skills required

Previous project management at senior level or project directorship will be a key requirement, with demonstrable delivered benefits to the company. Experience will be sought at a similar level to the position being filled; there is a big difference between project directing a three-month plan for an SME and overseeing the transformation of a multinational. Although good employers will recognize ambition and ability, they will not want to engage someone who is under- or over-qualified.

For long-term appointments, it’s possible to have several different projects running simultaneously, so an ability to juggle, prioritize and delegate is required. Even when projects run consecutively, there is an inevitable merging at the beginning and end as strategies are laid down, so the same skills apply. Experience within the same or a similar sector as the company seeking a PD will also be of great benefit due to the specific needs of each industry.

Project Director Jobs in Carlisle

Carlisle is the north-easternmost city in England, its outskirts lying just 4 miles (6 km) from the Scottish border. It’s roughly equal to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in terms of latitude, although it is much smaller, having a population of only 100,000. The city is served by the M6 which passes along its east side as it makes its way from Preston and Birmingham in the south, and changes into the A74(M) as it goes north towards Glasgow. The road east is the A59 which heads to Newcastle, and westwards, the A595 reaches the coastal towns of Whitehaven and Barrow-in-Furness. Carlisle is also on the main railway line from Manchester to Glasgow and Edinbugh. It is also the end point of the Settle to Carlisle railway line, which is considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in the UK.

The city can trace its roots back at least to Roman times, where, it is thought, it would have been a settlement connected with Hadrian’s Wall; the Wall would have sliced modern-day Carlisle in two. It must have been considered a strategic hotspot as it continued to be settled after the Romans, and a castle was built there in medieval times, as was the town’s cathedral. The city changed hands many times over the following centuries, most notably in 1745 when it was briefly held by Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Carlisle did play its part in the Industrial Revolution, but its relative isolation meant it was never one of the major players. It did grow a thriving railway engineering industry, however, and textiles were quite an important employer. Carr’s of Carlisle was founded around this time, and it would later become United Biscuits. Metal Box had a factory in the city, and it lives on under the Crown Holdings umbrella. There is still plenty of diversity in Carlisle’s industrial base, and as it’s so well connected it will always be a good place to look for Project Director jobs. The logistics industry would be quite different today without one of its Carlisle’s successful companies, Eddie Stobart, which was founded in the 1950s.

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