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Logistics and transport are important aspects of any business. After all, ensuring goods are shipped out on time, accurately, within budget and to the quality standards that customers expect is essential for the company’s success, whether you’re carrying out a single home delivery or despatching large amounts of stock to suppliers and retail outlets.

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder Transport Planners play such a vital role in the logistics and supply chain of an organisation.

The person in this role is responsible for planning vehicle schedules and deliveries. You generally work within a team and occasionally on a shift rota basis.

Depending on the employer and nature of the business, transport planners will be tasked with organising the fleet - from ensuring vehicles are running, through to maintaining good fuel supplies - as well as scheduling drivers and communicating with delivery teams to ensure they stay on schedule.

You may also be responsible for dealing with returns and discrepancies in a timely manner in order to keep customer satisfaction to a high level.

The skills required

As a Transport Planner, you should possess excellent communication skills. You will be in nearly constant communication with drivers, the traffic office and possibly customers and you should be able to explain your expectations and requirements clearly in order to prevent misunderstandings or delays in service.

Organisation skills and an ability to keep meticulous records is a must. You should also be familiar with the relevant laws and legislation and a good working knowledge of the various technologies used within the industry can be beneficial.

The Transport Planner will need to be confident in communicating to a team of drivers, taking care of staffing and training issues, wherever necessary, and providing motivation and leadership.

Transport Planner Jobs in East Sussex

Bordered by Kent, Surrey and West Sussex, East Sussex is a ceremonial county in the south-east that is situated on the English Channel. It comprises communities like Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove, Hastings and Newhaven, and offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking Transport Planner jobs.

In the 5th century, the South Saxons settled in the region that would later become known as Sussex, although archaeological evidence suggests that humans and their ancient predecessors may have been living in the region for more than 400,000 years.

During the 16th and early 17th centuries, glass making was an important part of the East Sussex economy, although this mainly died out in the 1600s as competition with the East Midlands took over.

These days, East Sussex is a popular tourist destination and much of its economy is based in the service sector and retail.

Brighton is home to a number of financial services companies, including the European headquarters of American Express. Other companies include the Body Shop, and various media and tech companies have moved to the area since the 1990s.

What's more, East Sussex also comprises two important port towns. Newhaven is used mainly by ferry companies that travel between France and England, such as LD Lines and Transmanche Ferries. Meanwhile, Rye is predominantly used for fishing and yachting.

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