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VP of Human Resources Jobs

When companies reach the upper echelons of size, status and reach, their human resources becomes more than a department; it is almost a community, a population. It is at this stage that a president and vice-president of human resources is appointed. They are overseeing directors, managers and HR teams to ensure the company is getting the most out of this important asset and that all regulatory procedures are being followed to the letter.

The VP of HR immediately manages directors and senior managers in HR specialisms, ensuring they are fulfilling their roles of guiding the company in the direction set by the board. In multinational companies, this means overseeing the HR teams in multiple political and legal jurisdictions, with all the challenges and opportunities that that represents. He or she is a significant presence on the board, and needs to be able to identify internal and external experts who have brought global or national benefits to their HR teams and win them over to the cause.

The skills required

In a large company the VP of human resources works alongside the president of HR and the top company executives to initiate, oversee and deliver the corporation’s goals with regard to all staffing matters. Practically speaking, this means overseeing a chain of command right down to HR staff in various locations, so a strategic mindset and an ability to communicate company policy to the senior HR team unambiguously will be a key skill.

VPs are often promoted internally, but it’s not unusual for talented and highly experienced HR professionals to land such roles from outside the company. You will need many years of experience in HR, having worked your way up the ladder through management and directorship before you can attain vice-presidency. Experience in the relevant sector is invaluable, as all industries have their own requirements and expectations.

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VP of Human Resources Jobs in Aylesbury

The county town of Buckinghamshire is Buckingham, right? Wrong. It's actually Aylesbury, a town about as close to the centre of the county as it's possible to be. It is roughly in the centre of a circle formed by London 33 miles (53 km) to the south east, Stevenage, Bedford, Northampton, Banbury, Oxford and Slough, going anticlockwise.

The town was traditionally a market town, where the surrounding farms and traders from more distant towns would congregate to sell their wares. Aylesbury still has a market four times a week, but this is by no means its main business. The town did have a strong milling industry until the mid-1800s, and it was the home to some food-related industry until quite recently, but nowadays its main employers are retailers and small businesses, as well as entertainment and the concentration of local government that accompanies any county town. Although Aylesbury was never a formal New Town, it did get redeveloped after the war, with displaced Londoners moving in and the old town being largely demolished to make way for new business properties.

Aylesbury is right in amongst the commuter belt for London, and houses a reasonably economically active population of around 70,000. The north west of the town is dominated by a large industrial estate with light and medium industry, retail and car showrooms. The town's diverse and largely affluent population, modern infrastructure and a decent amount of industry mean that  VP of Human Resources jobs are often being created in Aylesbury, so please get in touch if you are in the area and seeking such work.

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