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Business transformation keeps companies fresh and relevant in their marketplaces, but it is not something that happens by accident. In large companies business transformation can be a huge task as new infrastructures, employees, supply chains and cultures are put in place, but even in SMEs the task can be arduous. Companies that are committed to transformation appoint specialists on their board to oversee it, hence the role of business transformation director.

The transformation director has two key roles. Firstly, deciding with the board on a strategic direction that the business is to take over the medium and long term. Secondly, they oversee the implementation of changes on the shop floor. The director usually has a team of managers under him or her, and assigns certain projects to them. It is then the director’s responsibility to ensure they are carried out.

The skills required

The business transformation director is usually an expert in the sector in which the company operates, and is fully abreast of the opportunities and threats it faces. A good director is able to identify transformation opportunities long before the rest of the sector, and getting the wheels in motion earlier means that your company has a distinct competitive advantage. You need to be able to think strategically and to argue your case with the board, backed up with convincing projections about the future of the sector, or even in a new sector that transformation takes the company into.

Many companies are looking for candidates with experience at board level of directing transformation. However, others, particularly smaller companies, often consider experienced business transformation managers who have overseen complex and successful transformation projects, ideally within the same sector.

Business Transformation Director Jobs in Reading

Situated in the Thames Valley where the Thames and River Kennet converge, Reading is a town in south-east England known as a centre of commerce and an excellent choice for those seeking Business Transformation Director vacancies.

The area was first settled in the 8th century, the local abbey was founded in 1121 and by 1538 Reading had become one of the largest towns in the area. The region thrived on the wealth generated by trading cloth until the English Civil War.

With the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Reading was again making a name for itself, this time with a combination of ironworks and brewing.

The region benefited from improved trade with London due to the building of better roads, the establishment of various railways and the opening of the river to boat traffic. Indeed, the Kennet and Avon canal was opened in 1810, which meant that goods could travel by barge all the way to the Bristol Channel.

Fast forward to today and Reading is a centre for technology, finance and retail.

Top companies headquartered in the town include ING Direct, Yell Group and BG. Meanwhile, Prudential, PepsiCo, Holiday Inn, Bang & Olufsen, Intel, Cisco, Symantec, Nvidia, Virgin Media, Xerox and Verizon all have offices in Reading.

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