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Companies that settle into a comfortable place with their existing clients can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by a fast-changing world, especially when those clients move on. The business development manager (BDM) is there to identify potential openings and chase them up to win new, sustainable business for the company.

In many ways, business development manager jobs have similar responsibilities to regular sales jobs, but there are some subtle differences. Sales is a little more short-term, for example, following leads up responsively with an aim to closing the deal. The BDM, on the other hand, has more of a long-term, strategic approach to identifying new opportunities that includes, but is not limited to, individual customers.

The business development manager might therefore be involved with assembling an internal team that’s ready to face emerging challenges before they arrive so they can hit the ground running. That can be through recruitment or training, but with the overall strategic mindset, it can bear fruit for the company in the medium term.

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Business development managers are strategic thinkers – they are not just thinking about the next client win but are looking months and years ahead to how the industry and the company will look, and how best to manage it.

BDMs will also need to put their sales hat on quite regularly, however. Part of the business’s development is of course winning new contracts, so they will need to be able to communicate to other businesses the benefits of partnering with their company, so they will frequently be part of sales pushes and wooing new customers.

Business Development Manager Jobs in Royal Tunbridge Wells

As the name suggests, Royal Tunbridge Wells gained its popularity as a place to take on mineral spring water which in days gone by was believed to have health benefits. Like several other spa towns across the nation, this soon attracted well to do folk with disposable income to visit and take the waters, particularly during the nineteenth century, although in this case the spa status began rather earlier. Roads and eventually railways would allow greater numbers of people to come, and the population grew as hotels and other services sprung up to accommodate and pamper them. From an early stage, Royal Tunbridge Wells was designed to be architecturally striking, and it remains so today.

Nowadays, however, the importance of the spa and the waters is negligible to the local economy, although the tradition started by it, and which earned it the Royal prefix, remains important to the town’s atmosphere. Royal Tunbridge Wells is a wealthy town with almost zero unemployment, and although it has thriving financial and tourism industries, acts as a commuter town for London. Part of its success is its relative isolation from other large settlements, which makes it a draw for all the villages in the region. The centre of London is 30 miles (50 km) to the north west, and about the same distance to the south is the South Coast.

Such towns, where tourism and commuting are dominant, might not seem like ideal candidates for Business Development Manager jobs, but wherever there is an affluent population and a half-decent transport network, they do occasionally emerge, usually with a retail employer.

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