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Working alongside management and sales teams, the business development manager’s role is to ensure sales targets are met by developing contacts, discovering potential new clients and maintaining customer relations with existing clients.

The role taps into several related tasks, most notably sales, marketing, PR and account management, but the business development manager might pass some of the work to these specialised colleagues after preparing the ground. Planning and enacting sales campaigns will usually be part of the role, too.

The business development manager will usually also be required to gather and interpret sales figures and report findings to senior management. Sometimes the role will give the business development manager the power to negotiate contracts and deals with clients and suppliers in order to better increase profitability.

The skills required

Business development management best suits outgoing and confident people who are equally comfortable selling to existing clients, reaching out to potential leads and performing the analysis and legwork to justify such activities. He or she will be subject to rigorous targets set by senior management, and as the key means of measuring success, the return on their investment in the manager will be closely monitored.

Sales experience would definite be advantageous, but since there is also a degree of financial decision-making involved, accounting skills would also be appreciated.

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