Transport Data Analyst

Transport Data Analyst

Running an efficient transport operation is difficult. Every journey, every scheduled maintenance and every relationship with other partners has the potential to save money or to waste it. Only by keeping on top of things can a logistics or supply chain business hope to be optimally profitable.

This is why transport data analyst jobs come with very good salaries and benefits packages – a good transport data analyst can save a large company millions every year. 

Essentially, the task involves gathering available transport data and interpreting it into analysable formats so that detrimental elements like bottlenecks, overspending and underfunding can be identified. In some roles, the analyst will also set up the metrics that are being measured to establish baseline performance and start to work on making it more efficient. Then, they will produce reports and recommendations to influence company policy and drive these discovered efficiencies.

The skills required

You should have a thorough understanding of how logistics and transport work, preferably through several years’ experience in the sector. It’s an industry with its own unique set of regulations and practices, and the bounds of these frameworks will influence your efficiency plans.

An ability to communicate the presence of inefficiencies, with evidence, to board members and other relevant stakeholders, will be vital. That can sometimes mean standing your ground and persuading executives that your proposed measures are necessary and effective.

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