Transport Compliance Manager

Transport Compliance Manager

Running a fleet of logistics vehicles is about as vital a task as is possible for a logistics operation, and there will be a dedicated team devoted to maintenance, acquisition, leasing, operation and disposal to maintain efficiency and profitability. However, the law is also an important factor in the operation of a logistics fleet, and that’s where the transport compliance manager comes in.

The overarching remit of transport compliance manager jobs is to ensure the rules of the road in the relevant jurisdictions are observed as regards vehicles, their drivers and their maintenance crews. The manager might have some hands-on responsibilities in smaller companies, but in larger operations they will be ensuring all the responsibilities are taken care of with regard to ensuring vehicles are road-fit, tachographs are inspected and calibrated, and that drivers are fully licenced for their roles and are not exceeding hours allowable.

A lot of this work will be delegated to the maintenance teams and the drivers themselves, with the managerial role being mainly administrative and proactive. It could require an in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of vehicles or could be focused on LGVs, HGVs or delivery vans, depending on the role.

The skills required

There is no grey area for the transport compliance manager – you will need an encyclopaedic understanding of the law surrounding logistics vehicles in the country or countries in which they operate. Governments and police take compliance very seriously and breaches can be damaging to companies’ reputations as well as presenting a risk to life, so the employer will be relying on you to know your stuff.

You’ll also be a person who keeps on top of changes in the law and its direction of travel across jurisdictions, and you will often need to plan changes in advance as they relate to your industry. That will involve plenty of reading and monitoring, as well as ongoing training, attending seminars and training up maintenance crews and drivers on the changes.

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