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Getting goods or a workforce from point A to point B at the right time and within budget is essential for the smooth running of any business, whether it’s a manufacturing firm, a retail outlet, a maintenance team, a courier service or another type of business.

That’s why the role of Logistics General Manager is important to the success of an organisation. This person is responsible for ensuring systems run smoothly and instigating change wherever necessary to improve service and customer satisfaction.

As a General Manager, you will need to plan all logistical operations carefully, taking into consideration predictable peaks and troughs in business, working with directors and stakeholders to devise strategies and monitoring performance in terms of key performance indicators, such as stock levels, pick accuracy and OTIF figures.

The skills required

Successful candidates for General Manager roles should have a strong working knowledge of the technologies and other WMS systems commonly used in the industry. Depending on the role, an understanding of transport and customer service can be beneficial, as can a good sense of commercial and financial awareness.

Logistics General Managers will need to possess excellent organisation skills and be able to take the lead quickly and effectively. As the head of a team, you should be comfortable managing, delegating and motivating staff and you may also need to provide training as appropriate.

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