WMS Analyst

WMS Analyst

Warehouse management systems don’t just run themselves at maximum efficiency. They need constant monitoring, so that anything from tweaking to wholesale redesign can be performed with predictable and effective results. WMS analyst job descriptions vary from company to company, system to system, but they perform these basic functions to keep the warehouse or fulfillment centre running as well as possible.

The WMS analyst will usually be working alongside the technical and maintenance teams, with a mix of desk work, analysing performance and product flow using software, and getting down on the warehouse floor to observe the process in action. They will then advise the board on any modifications or upgrades that are required, and oversee their implementation.

Given the significant amounts of revenue a well-oiled warehouse can save, compared to an inefficient one, these roles can be lucrative for an experienced WMS analyst. Large companies might employ them to oversee multiple sites permanently, but smaller logistics companies often hire on a contract basis.

The skills required

There are a number of commonly used warehouse management systems in use around the world, and each comes with its own features and modes of use. It’s not uncommon for firms to request specific experience of a particular system, so check individual ads for details. That said, there are lots of commonalities between systems, and a WMS analyst with a proven track record might be given training on a specific system if they impress.

This job involves interpreting data and preparing reports, and possibly presenting results and conclusions to both board members and the staff and engineers implementing the changes. Communication skills are therefore every bit as important as the ability to measure and analyse performance data.

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