Ecommerce Project Manager

Ecommerce Project Manager

For a logistics and transport operation, an ecommerce project has many tentacles, with the development team working hand-in-hand with the whole supply chain, warehousing and logistics teams. That’s why ecommerce project management is a specialism that’s vital to the success of a digital implementation.

The ecommerce project manager oversees those various teams that contribute to the execution of a successful online retail project. They will be at the initiation meetings when the plans are hammered out, contributing their expertise on how the teams should integrate. Then when the plans are put in motion, they will schedule in all the key milestones and plan the course of the project so that it meets its deadline and its budget while maintaining excellence.

An important part of the role is also measuring the effectiveness of the project in the wider scheme of the business. While this might be a task that’s delegated to an analyst, the PM will oversee that aspect of the project too, as it’s vital for feeding back into future projects.

The skills required

Many employers will require Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, but a proven ability to manage complex teams, often spread over many geographic sites, will be advantageous to any applicant.

Good communication is beneficial for most jobs, but in ecommerce project management it’s non-negotiable. You will be the single point of contact for a diverse range of contributors and partners, so you need to quickly understand their needs, abilities and limitations. You’ll also need to impose some discipline on the teams if the project is to meet its deadlines.

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