Content matters in marketing, and that’s why employing a copywriter is a must for every marketing agency, or indeed any company that communicates with customers. Skilful copywriters know how to take a concept, a message or a goal, and distil it into the minimum of words so customers reach the call to action sooner (and act on it).

Nowadays, copywriters also have an important role in digital marketing. The results you see when you look for a product or service using a search engine aren’t the graphics and the responsive website. It’s the words, written with search snippets in mind, built around high-performing keywords that make your company visible. Writing copy that appeals to both humans and search bots is a skill that is often unrecognised, but when you find the right copywriter, you’ll notice the difference in your bottom line.

The skills required

When you’re considering copywriter recruitment, you should be looking at candidates’ portfolios, as that’s where the proof of their skill is. If you’re compiling a portfolio, try to include published work that’s relevant to the sector you’re applying to, and if possible you should include details of the brief you were given, and any edits that were made after your final submission.

Copywriting qualifications exist, but the majority of professional copywriters are either self-trained or have come through marketing or journalism careers. The most important factor is the quality of their work, the applicability to your sector and the depth of their experience.

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