IFS/ERP Analyst

IFS/ERP Analyst

IFS is one of the top names in enterprise resource planning software, and its solutions are being adopted by a diverse range of companies worldwide. Such is its popularity and power, there’s an ongoing need for ERP business analysts who have expertise specifically using IFS solutions.

In general, the task can either be to identify needs within a company where ERP can help, or to analyse the data once departments have started using the solutions to find new efficiencies and profitability opportunities, although it’s often both. You might also be a consultant for the directors, to help them with their decision-making using an evidence-based approach from the ERP data you have at your disposal. 

Overall, an IFS ERP analyst is there to help the company use this powerful software for its benefit, so the roles can be very different depending on the structures and sizes of the companies using it. That can be through choosing integrations, recommending new actions or overseeing the way data is gathered, measured and interpreted across an organisation.

The skills required

If a company is specifically asking for expertise in IFS software for their ERP analyst role, it’s likely that they are looking for someone with advanced aptitude in the solutions, not a generic EPR skillset. Sometimes, however, the specific solution will only be divulged to inform potential candidates of the system they will be working with, and more generalised ERP analytic experience will be sought.

Because a good deal of this job will be analysing and interpreting data, then preparing and reporting findings and opinions on the business’s performance and projections, you will need to be methodical and an excellent presenter of facts, statistics, recommendations and opinions.

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