ERP Systems Manager

ERP Systems Manager

The most modern enterprise resource planning suites are remarkable in their power, and it’s impossible for many businesses to imagine life without theirs. But with such power comes a non-negotiable need to keep it running smoothly and at its optimum performance levels. The ERP systems manager is there to ensure those requirements are met.

Specific responsibilities vary from business to business, sector to sector, but on the whole the ERP systems manager is there as a hands-on expert who can oversee installations, integrations, optimisation, upgrades, automation and all the other aspects of a well functioning ERP. Importantly, this all needs to be done with minimal or zero downtime, and if downtime is inevitable, it will be up to the ERP systems manager to plan and project manage

The skills required

The more experience you have running an ERP system, the more of an asset you will be to potential employers. Expertise in one particular system is often requested by employers who understand the diverse range available, but with so many similarities across providers, it may not be necessary, and training may be given if you can show an aptitude for working on multiple systems.

As a manager, you’ll be reporting to the directors, but also collaborating with other managers and heads of department to decide on appropriate plugins, installations and integrations, and then to implement them. You’ll also probably have a tech support role for users, particularly in small and medium operations.

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ERP systems managers are in demand

With most large organisations operating ERP systems, it’s common for a dedicated manager to be employed to oversee the operations detailed above. That’s good news for employers, as there’s a huge pool of specialised talent out there, and it’s good news for managers themselves, as there’s plenty of well paid work.

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