ERP Manager

ERP Manager

Enterprise resource planning software is at the heart of many businesses’ procurement and purchasing operations. It influences, monitors and analyses all aspects of revenue and spending. But an ERP is never a case of install and forget – they need constant upgrading, troubleshooting, staff training, compliance testing and interconnectivity with other departments’ solutions. That’s why the ERP manager is a key player in the company.

ERP manager jobs often involve plenty of time meeting with upper management and other stakeholders in a business, as costing and planning proposals are thrashed out. Decisions made in the boardroom will then have to be implemented in the ERP, a task that might be hands-on or delegated, depending on the size and structure of the organisation. ERP managers can also be involved in recruitment for ERP-related positions.

The skills required

The primary skill for the ERP manager will be a complete understanding of how ERPs work and how to perform integrations and safe updates, not just a working knowledge of the software. Since there is a diverse range of ERP solutions on the market, specialism in one particular solution might be an advantage for some roles (or a limiting factor in others). Some organisations also run their own bespoke ERP solutions, or heavily personalised versions of popular ones, so flexibility and core understanding are key here.

Since the job is all about overseeing the ERP specialists, external ERP contractors and the various stakeholders of the business, you must be a great communicator, able to justify actions to the board and educate users on operation, or delegate such tasks to others.

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