Chief Finance Officer

Chief Finance Officer

Keeping on top of the balance sheet is about as essential a job as it’s possible to have for a business. Whether it’s a profitable company already or a startup that’s running on loans and investment, unless every penny of income and expenditure is accounted for, it’s going to hit financial problems. That’s why large companies have a whole team of people working in the finance department, and overseeing them is the chief financial officer (CFO).

CFO jobs aren’t just for accountants who want a bigger desk, of course. They are embedded in the whole fabric of the company’s financial wellbeing and decision making. They will be in charge of risk management, financial planning, green-lighting investment proposals, budgeting, overseeing payroll and taxation, and will often be actively seeking new investment in the company.

In large companies, the CFO will be overseeing managers, who in turn will be in charge of finance staff ensuring every invoice is chased up and every bill paid, but the grand financial strategy of the company will be in their hands.

CFO jobs: the skills required

Chief financial officer positions go to professionals with a track record in balancing the books of a major business, whether that’s running one themselves or rising through the ranks of accountancy, financial officer roles and other similar career paths. 

You’ll be highly adept at data analysis – managing the finances of a company is part science, part instinct, and you’ll need to be able to analyse proposals with an open but critical mind. CFOs are mostly educated to BA or MA level, preferably in finance, accounting or economics, or perhaps also mathematics or some subject closely related to the company’s niche.

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