ERP Systems Support Analyst

ERP Systems Support Analyst

No matter how well implemented and run an ERP solution is, without constant monitoring and support it can slowly become overburdened and ineffective. An ERP support analyst is there to ensure everything is running as it should be by studying usage data, keeping on top of upgrades and managing the database and user support queries.

The role can be either technical, helping the main IT team to keep the system running properly, or perhaps working within another department, such as finance or whatever group of people is using the ERP solution. It will involve support in the normal sense – i.e. dealing with users’ complaints, queries and feedback – but with slightly more depth, for example analysing the way users interact with the solution to recommend add-ons or upgrades, and calculating trajectories to better plot future needs for the system. 

The role is usually in-house, but it’s not uncommon for companies to let the ERP support analyst work remotely, so if that’s important to you, it’s worth mentioning – it also allows you to work for companies all over the world.

The skills required

Naturally, for any ERP system support role, you’re going to need to know ERPs inside out, but specifically the one that’s used in the company in question. With the complexity and add-on ecosystems that some of the top solutions have, you’re going to need to have plenty of experience dealing with the back end, preferably in a support role.

Any kind of IT support needs a good blend of system knowledge and communications skills. It’s always better to explain to users how they can solve a recurring issue than to simply go and fix it yourself, as it makes less work for yourself and the company, and makes the staff more efficient workers going forward. Blending the technical and the personal is key to making a success of this job.

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