Ecommerce Business Analyst

Ecommerce Business Analyst

Selling online is a complex business, with the whole range of marketing, digital optimisation, customer-facing websites and apps, warehousing, logistics and security to factor in. For this to work, the business needs to be able to have a bird’s eye view of how it is run, in what direction it is going and how to influence its future for the better. The business analyst in ecommerce will oversee this process, working with the board, data analysts and the digital teams to ensure the company’s strategic goals are on course.

The ecommerce business analyst will look in depth at the whole user experience and how it affects customer satisfaction and where it puts stress on the business. They will then draw conclusions, backed up by solid data, as to where the business can be improved. Their recommendations, alongside other sales and growth strategies, will play a key role in steering future decisions and KPIs.

The skills required

Ecommerce business analyst jobs usually demand experience in working with customer-facing retail businesses. Successful applicants must have a firm grip on how ecommerce works and how UX and fulfillment satisfaction can make or break an online retailer.

You’ll understand how ecommerce projects are planned and implemented, and will be able to work alongside technical development teams, sales and marketing specialists and the key decision makers, and report findings and solutions effectively.

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