Head of Production

Head of Production

Every business has a core function, which might be making something, supplying it or offering a service. But businesses also need a whole infrastructure around them to run, from marketing to personnel.

The head of production is there to ensure the smooth operation of that core function on which everything else depends. It’s a crucial task, and although there will be plenty of important interaction with the other departments, they will be steering the company’s profitability.

Another important role of the head of production will be overseeing the development of new products to take to market. In technical businesses, that could involve overseeing a research and development department or a team of engineers, but in more generic or creative industries such as fashion, managing designers and factories, and maintaining a supply chain, will be part of the job.

The skills required

Production is a wide-ranging subject, covering everything from food supply to creating aviation components, so managers tend to be drawn from within certain sectors as they have familiarity with the way business is done. That said, head of production jobs often go to candidates with a varied CV, as it shows they have a grasp of the principles of productivity that they can apply to various industries.

Whatever your background, you’ll need to show an ability to think strategically, as production line creation and research are long processes that need plenty of forward planning. That will also mean that you’re constantly dealing with current projects as well as those in development and brand new concepts that might be a decade away. And all the time, you’ll need great personal skills as it's the team below you, and the board, who need to be up to speed on developments and goals.

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