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The responsibilities of a Procurement Specialist will vary, depending on the company, the products or services it provides and its individual business model.

In most situations, this individual will be tasked with maintaining the right levels of stock and making sure that the goods and services are acquired at the right cost and to the appropriate quality standards.

Of course, making purchasing decisions is only one part of the role and a Procurement Specialist must also continuously monitor contracts and renegotiate them as necessary. Writing KPI reports is a common part of the job, as is finding ways to make improvements, both in terms of the company's profits and customer satisfaction.

The skills required

When applying for a Procurement Specialist vacancy, an awareness of the relevant legislation is essential, while a working knowledge of the various technologies and software packages is a must.

You should also be able to make quick - but carefully considered - decisions, negotiate effectively and build strong relationships with suppliers.

In many cases, a person in this role will also be responsible for a team. Therefore, a sense of leadership and the ability to provide training and motivation are good skills to have. Meanwhile, you'll need to be confident in dealing with any problems that may arise.

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