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No matter what sector a business operates in, keeping track of the supply chain is essential to ensure that customer expectations are met or exceeded.

The role of a demand manager is to keep track of market trends and buying patterns, taking steps to make sure systems are performing in a way that enables requests to be met - and adapting procedures as appropriate.

This means continually monitoring demand and analysing historic patterns, as well as working with other departments - such as the sales, marketing, manufacturing and logistics teams, depending on the nature of the business - to keep the company’s output at the right level.

The skills required

If you are thinking of applying for a role as a demand manager, you should have well developed numeracy and analytical skills.

You will need to be an excellent communicator, able to report to and discuss future plans with directors, stakeholders and clients. Moreover, you must demonstrate good commercial and financial awareness.

Successful candidates will also need good working knowledge of the various computer programs, technologies and software is also essential.

As the head of a team, demand managers should be good leaders, able to delegate tasks and recognise when staff may need extra training, motivation or encouragement.

Finally, as the role can sometimes be stressful, you should be confident in your decision-making skills and able to thrive in a fast-paced working environment.

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