Supply chain data analyst

Supply chain data analyst

A single supply chain for one product can be a pretty complex thing, but when a manufacturer has dozens of different products and components to move, small inefficiencies can multiply into large black holes on the balance sheet. That’s why the supply chain data analyst is such a crucial role in a busy firm. They will use their experience and digital skills to perform supply chain data analytics on the whole process, seeking out those costly inefficiencies.

What happens once such failings have been found depends on the issue at hand, the specific role and the structure of the company. Most of the time, the supply chain analyst will report their findings to management, as the remedial actions might require re-negotiation of contracts or major restructuring of activities – if these are needed. Other times, the analyst might have some authority to put in place fixes, and report their discoveries and results to the board.

Whatever the specifics of the position, the supply chain data analyst will work alongside the logistics and supply chain teams, and often with external customers and suppliers, searching out ways to increase profitability given the copious amounts of data available. They might also be involved with projecting figures for supply chains that are still at the proposal stage.

The skills required

First and foremost, the supply chain analyst will have a solid background in logistics and/or supply chain, and will completely understand how the industry works. That’s crucial for understanding the possibilities and limitations of the remedial work you can perform.

You should be skilled at using the major supply chain software packages so you can take deep dives into the stats, but you may well find most of your time poring over Excel sheets that you have created or which have been created by someone else. Either way, you’ll need to be a data analytics master, able to interpret trends, patterns and opportunities from an array of digital sources. Finally, you’ll be able to communicate complex solutions to management to justify your decisions.

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