Ecommerce Data Analyst

Ecommerce Data Analyst

The vast amount of data that is available to the modern ecommerce operation is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it allows incredibly detailed analysis of customer behaviour, supply and logistics bottlenecks, retail trends and the overall efficiency of the business. But on the other hand, it can be difficult to find the relevant data to focus on in the flood of information flowing in. A data analyst in ecommerce is the person charged with crystallising the useful statistics and turning them into actionable information and advice.

The ecommerce data analyst will be someone who has experience in handling large and complex data sets and making sense of them. Where the online retailer has in-house logistics and transport to get products from suppliers and warehouses to customers, the analyst often works with the sales and marketing teams to assure delivery for promotions or launches. However, with the growth of third-party logistics, analysts also increasingly offer data analysis to external retailers as a service, which retailers can use to plan their own strategies. That will require a wider view of retail, and an ability to immerse oneself in different sectors.

The skills required

An unshakeable aptitude for dealing with large sets of numbers is the prime quality in the ecommerce data analyst. You’ll be in a position to save companies potentially millions a year through your findings and advice.

That means that you will also need to be a great communicator, able to distill raw data into forms that are relatable to the board members for whom data analysis might not be a strong suit.

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