Head of Freight

Head of Freight

As logistics and supply operations grow bigger and travel further, it’s inevitable that they will also get more complex. And that’s when inefficiencies can start to creep in and the task can become overwhelmed with firefighting. That is, of course, unless there’s a good head of freight at the helm. Their job is to oversee the whole transport and logistics operation of a company, a region, a depot or a sector for a freight business.

Head of freight jobs come up regularly all over the world, and it’s no wonder why – a methodical, active philosophy to organising logistics, from the individual vehicle to the big strategic picture, keeps a logistics operation efficient and profitable. Look out for jobs called “Freight Forwarding Manager” or just “Freight Manager”, too, as they are usually similar roles, some of which are executive. In complex organisations the head of freight might well be overseeing a specific region, which can mean a county, a city, a country or a continent, depending on the nature of the business.

The skills required

The head of freight will have an excellent understanding of how supply chain interoperates, over sea, air, rail and road, and will understand how warehousing and fulfillment interact with last mile delivery and bulk logistics. Experience is key to filling this role at managerial level, so a proven track record in freight logistics is essential.

As head of freight, you’ll be occupying a position above the depot, driver and maintenance level, and possibly (but not necessarily) below board level, so you’ll need to be adept at communicating and understanding strategic instructions in both directions. You might be overseeing a small team of sub-managers, too, so high level managerial skills will come in handy.

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Head of freight is one of the commonest positions we fill at Cast UK, mainly because of our supply chain background and the relationships we have built up over the years in the industry.

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