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Left to their own devices, most businesses’ operations will tend not to improve, but will at best stagnate and at worst deteriorate. Many factors are at play, such as the ongoing training of staff in the latest technologies; systems of operation becoming obsolete or problematic issues being worked around rather than dealt with; or departments not working together on issues that affect them both.

The continuous improvement manager will be tasked with ensuring that every aspect of a complex business is growing in profitability by seeking out financial leaks and inefficiencies and dealing with their root causes. When deployed properly it’s a troubleshooter job with real teeth, overseeing multiple departments and not only ensuring best practices are being observed individually but also making sure changes that affect one department do not have a deleterious on others, unless in the big picture it makes good business sense.

A good sense of priority will be required of the CI manager, too. Changes that make the biggest impact will always be top of the agenda; there’s no point getting bogged down with the small things. What’s more, as the name of the position suggests, what is the top priority this week might not necessarily be top priority next week. It’s a job where planning and reacting take equal precedence.

The skills required

Excellent time, project and people management skills are a must, and an ability to juggle several different departments’ needs to reach an optimum conclusion will essential. An ability to communicate complex and perhaps even unpopular concepts to other departments who may or may not be technically subordinate to you will also be vital. You will also need to be completely familiar with the needs and goals of the company, both short-term and strategically.

Excellent data analysis skills will help with this communication, as it will be required to explain major changes to all levels of the company.

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