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It’s almost becoming a cliché now, but good people really do make a company succeed. As a company reaches a certain level of staffing, the need for a dedicated People Director inevitably becomes more pressing. Their role is to ensure the HR department is working in the best interests of the company by attracting the best talent available for the roles and to ensure that talent is retained.

People Directors also have an important role in influencing and driving cultural change throughout the company. It’s a sensitive task that seeks to find the sweet spot where employees feel valued, respected and listened to as well as the strategic aims of the board being fulfilled. Get this right and attraction and retention will follow almost automatically, the net result being a company with minimal internal conflict and a sense of a shared goal that can have phenomenal long-term effects on a business and its employees’ careers there.

The skills required

Needless to say, people skills are an essential component of being a people director. An understanding of what makes employees not just tick, but thrive in a corporate environment will be a key tool in your skill set.

Academic understanding of the psychology of excellence in employees is of enormous benefit, but a successful people director will also have had experience in running HR departments or overseeing the HR in a company at executive level. Because the people director’s decisions have budgetary implications, experience of handling budgets and performing cost-benefit analysis on human resource-related strategic plans will stand the prospective candidate in good stead.

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