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With a company’s fortunes being tied up so closely with its employees, the human resources department needs to be running like clockwork. That is the job of the head of HR. Depending on the size of the organization, this role may include overseeing a number HR managers and their teams, in one or several locations. A head of HR might answer to a director of HR or a recruitment director, and as such may or may not be privy to strategic and financial information the board is deciding – the head of HR is usually more involved with the day-to-day running of the department.

It is worth noting that experience at head of HR level stands the employee in good stead to tackle a directorial role, as the hands-on experience gained will give invaluable insight into the position’s demands,, as well as an appreciation of what the role entails. The head of HR will have close contact with the HR team and other employees within the company as he or she puts the board’s strategic HR plan into action.

The skills required

Most heads of human resources come from HR backgrounds, and those who can demonstrate an ability to see projects through on their own initiative will be considered highly. Of course, if you are already a head of HR and your team is successfully putting your board’s plans into action, that will signify a talent that is prized in the jobs market.

A head of HR may be asked to perform challenging tasks such as setting up completely new strategies, such as an employee reward scheme or a training programme with bespoke modules for certain employees. In such situations you may be expected to develop them yourself, and as such need to keep the board informed of progress and effectiveness.

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