Finance Analyst

Finance Analyst

Businesses survive or fail on the strength of their ability to accurately measure the way they perform in their sectors, and to make solid forecasts on how the market is going. This number-crunching is vital for choosing investment pathways, deciding on boosting or scaling back service streams, and making decisions about locations, staffing and all manner of opportunities and threats. It’s why the finance analyst plays such a pivotal role in any ambitious company.

The successful finance analyst will be able to see the big picture regarding the business’s performance, but they are also detail people, able to spot the beginnings of trends from the merest financial signal. They’ll be able to accurately model a range of potential responses, which can then be taken to the board to make informed decisions about future directions.

Skills required by finance analysts

Finance analyst jobs naturally require a thorough understanding of the way investment and business performance work, and will be able to distinguish patterns from outliers as they are analysing the data. Most positions demand CIMA, ACCA or ACA qualifications as a minimum with experience, but you might also require a CFA Charter.

Since you’ll be presenting cases to the directors to base decisions on, you’ll need to be able to condense extremely complex datasets into simple, readable and convincing reports and forecasts that can be relied upon. Finance analysts with a good track record in this area are highly sought after.

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