Procurement data analyst

Procurement data analyst

In manufacturing, transport and retail, the efficiency of the procurement operation is key to the success and profitability of the business. Delays in delivery, excessive costs, overly complex supply chains and unreliable routes and carriers are just some of the factors that can add up to large outgoings and lost customers.

The procurement data analyst uses powerful analytic tools and their own experience in the field to monitor procurement data and to spot disadvantageous trends, bottlenecks and other evidence of poor performance and offer fixes for them through the use of data. The procurement analyst’s findings and recommendations will be used at board level to decide upon the choice of suppliers or to negotiate new deals that offer better value for money. Where optimum or excellent performance are identified, that data too can be fed back to amplify good practices.

The skills required

An analytical mindset will be a key component of the successful procurement data analyst

candidate, alongside a good working knowledge of the procurement landscape in the relevant sector. It’s likely that you’ll be using an array of analytical software, from big name ERPs to bespoke solutions, but in many cases your most important skill will be a deep working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and its many advanced functions.

Since your data and interpretation will be used to potentially make decisions worth millions, you’ll need to be able to identify and isolate the low hanging fruit as well as the more subtle improvements, and make compelling presentations about benefiting from it, while having the receipts in reserve to justify your decisions.

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