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The whole of business is run on contracts, so it’s of vital importance that all of a company’s procurement contacts are drafted well, are effective and are enforceable to the satisfaction of both supplier and client. The contract manager will oversee the whole process of creating contracts, perhaps for deals struck by other departments within the company, and maintaining records of contracts for future reference.

While some contract manager roles might require drafting skills, in many cases contracts will take the form of a template. However this does not remove the need for precision, as mistakes in contracts can be costly, especially where multi-mullion pound procurement deals are being finalised. If the role doe indeed require contracts to be drafted from scratch, the role will need a fine attention to detail and a full understanding of the matter in hand. The contracts manager will need to appreciate that any items rejected in contract negotiations might have knock-on effects elsewhere in the contract, leading to extensive redrafting.

In many cases the contract managers will be present in negotiations, which is the best place to be to soak up the thrust of the progress. Other times they will be briefed by negotiators and must be able to interpret the brief and foresee any issues arising from the results.

Contract-making is usually hugely time-sensitive, as both parties usually want to see the latest draft of the contract as soon as possible after negotiations, so speed and accuracy must work hand in hand.

The skills required

A quasi-legal sensibility will be required for the successful contract manager, although the role does not usually require legal qualifications – business qualifications and experience are much more reliable determiners of a good candidate. Contracts from small supply deals to major business-critical ones will all be in the domain of the contract manager and his or her team. Whatever the size and nature of the contract, forensic, analytical skills will be highly valued in the contract manager.

Extensive knowledge of the materials or goods being dealt with and their respective industries will be an advantage, as all supplied goods come with their own limitations that must be covered in the contract.

A good command of English will be a most important quality, both in order to draft precise contracts and to interpret suppliers’ own contracts for negotiation. The same applies to all forms of communication, too. Contract managers will be dealing just as much with their own employers as with their suppliers, so they must be good listeners, readers, talkers and writers.

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