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HR operations is the glue that holds a company and its employees together. But it is not something that can be left to its own devices as HR is a constantly changing entity that requires a strategic approach in concert with the aims of the board. That is why many larger companies appoint an HR operations director. Their presence on the board gives them the authority to both implement HR goals on the shop floor but also to influence the board on its recruitment and training needs.

The HR operations director is often drafted in when companies are going through major changes such as acquisition, mergers or rapid growth. This is a time when the employment situation can become complex, with a mixture of bringing in new skills, creating new structures and possibly overseeing redundancies and relocations. The HR operations director needs to either oversee or create a team of senior HR professionals to execute the plans of the company.

The skills required

The HR operations director will have come from a position of authority in a company’s HR department, but the experience and level required will be dependent upon the size and nature of the company seeking this directorship. While experience of directorship in HR is of great benefit to the applicant, any senior position in HR, where strategies have had to be put in place to meet the requirements of a board, mean you could be considered for this important task.

HR needs vary widely from industry to industry, with factors such as staffing, compliance and seasonality playing widely different roles. If you have experience in directing the HR operations in a company in the same or a related sector, this could prove to be a vital factor in the success of your application. Proven experience in successfully designing and delivering global HR strategies will also be key points for consideration.

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