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In large companies, human resources is now too important a role to leave to line managers and general directors. Legal issues from employment rights to anti-discrimination policy can cause unprepared companies problems, and compliance within certain sectors requires a high degree of specialist knowledge. That is why there needs to be HR representation at board level in large companies, hence the requirement for HR directors.

And of course, HR is not just about compliance – it’s about ensuring the best possible people are located, assessed and given appropriate packages to attract them away from other roles and to remain contented in their current role. This has to be done at a strategic level, in concert with the rest of the board. Dedicated HR board members ensure that staffing is seen to be an important aspect of the company.

Growing companies too find the need for HR directors can arise at a certain point in their development. Becoming a company’s first HR director can be challenging but hugely rewarding.

The skills required

A thorough understanding of human resources is clearly a must at HR director level, but they will also need to be an exceptional people manager, as they might not be involved in the day-to-day business of HR, but will instead be overseeing an HR team, supervising training of new recruits and personal development of staff. Ultimately, they will be tasked with ensuring maximum employee engagement.

The HR director needs to see the bigger picture, and will have access to the internal workings of the business at executive level, including financial aspects, and to be able to make decisions based on financial, as well as operational factors.

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