Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

Marketing departments need just as much financial discipline and strategic thinking as they do imagination and tech savvy. That’s why head of marketing jobs should only go to those with a track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns and strategies that make sense.

The head of marketing in the modern company has a firm grip on the technology at their disposal when it comes to delivering campaigns across all channels. But they will also recognise that within their team there are specialists who can be employed or drafted in to get specialised jobs done. It’s a balance of hands-on management and delegation, allowing a spirit of creativity essential for marketing, but with a firm hand on the reins when it comes to budget and measuring success.

The head of marketing will usually report to a marketing director, but often they have a de facto (or actual) directorial role on the board themselves, and the head of marketing salary often reflects this.

The skills required

Heads of marketing come in two flavours. First there are the brilliant marketing geniuses who have got themselves to the top through their imagination, marketing instinct and talent for crafting award-winning campaigns. Second, there are those who know what’s required of a campaign and are prepared to hand the job of creating and activating it to others, while they keep a hand on the abacus.

If you’re a combination of the two, you’re a rare talent, and you’ll be in demand with top companies. But either type of marketing head is highly employable in this always-on, highly competitive digital world.

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