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Procurement is a job that might look pretty straightforward on the face of it, but actually involves a good deal of skill and experience, not to mention a little black book full of contacts, to make it work successfully. However there are also many tasks in the job, such as routinely seeking out new clients and making initial contact with them, which many companies can consider inefficient use of procurement expertise , which can be costly.

This is why larger companies will employ junior buyers. They will probably be business graduates, young, able people starting out on their procurement careers but not experienced enough to be entrusted with running a department themselves. Reporting to a senior buyer or purchasing manager, they will be given relatively rigid instructions such as researching very specific data or they will be given lists of contacts to approach with propositions or enquiries, but the bulk of any negotiation, data interpretation, decision-making and sign-offs will be passed to those above him or her.

However, the junior buyer will, as time goes by and as she or he becomes more familiar with the job, gradually start to take more of the initiative when it comes to making decisions. Eventually they will drop the “junior” tag and become simply a buyer or a senior buyer as they make their way up the corporate ladder.

The skills required

Junior buyers will generally be sourced from the graduate pool, perhaps business graduates or possibly those who graduated in a field related to the company’s main sector. However, people without degrees might be considered if they have experience of a sales or buying position elsewhere.

Applicants will definitely need to have a high level of numeracy and literacy, as there will be a good deal of data gathering and communication in the job. IT skills will also be required, especially in the office solutions that are most common. Candidates should also be able to display a good deal of enthusiasm for the work and an ability to absorb information and take instructions.

Most employers will not take on junior buyers with the intention of their remaining juniors for long, however. The role will probably come with a timetable of milestones that demonstrate their growing experience and ability to perform their roles with minimal assistance as they develop.

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Cast UK were founded by specialists in logistics, supply chain and procurement, and our consultants are also drawn from these backgrounds, so we know what employers and candidates are looking for when they come to us. In fact, employers often approach us to find managerial and executive candidates before they are advertised, so if you’re in procurement, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Whether you’re relocating for personal reasons or are simply looking for more job fulfilment, there could well be an employer who’s looking for the skills you have. At any given time, Cast UK have jobs all over the UK, so wherever you live, or plan to live, we are well placed to find work that suits your skills.

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