Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager

Companies invest enormous amounts of time ensuring they get the best possible workforce, so the least they can do is pay them the right amount, on time. For large businesses, that responsibility lands on the desk of the payroll manager. Ultimate success in the job comes when the staff barely know they exist, because they get their salaries exactly as planned, although few probably understand the work that goes on in the background to ensure that happens.

Payroll manager jobs are all about ensuring the systems are in place to keep on top of the ebb and flow of staff payments. There’s a complex employment situation out there, with employees getting raises, putting in overtime, working unusual contracts and receiving bonuses, and getting what they expected all feeds into the job satisfaction that’s essential for businesses. 

Payroll jobs are also about staying au fait with the law on paying staff, ensuring PAYE systems are in place and accurately implemented, and keeping on the right side of employment regulations. They will also play a role in a business’s financial reporting and projection, reporting to finance managers and directors.

Payroll manager skills

Payroll manager jobs go to candidates who can prove they are organised, methodical and completely on top of their brief. With reporting and perhaps some payroll forecasting being part of the job, excellent bookkeeping and planning are essential too. 

You’ll be fully adept at using the major payroll software solutions as well as the regular suite of office software, and will be able to instruct and train others on their use. As the person with whom the buck stops when there are payment snags, you’ll also be a calm-headed problem-solver, able to identify issues and act on them quickly – employees need that money in their accounts.

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