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The inventory manager is in control of the warehousing of a logistics operation. As orders come in, it will be the inventory manager’s job to ensure that they will be able to be fulfilled through keeping on top of his or her own orders, bringing in new goods to replace the outgoing ones on a continuous basis.

The manager might be in charge of a single warehouse or could be overseeing several. If the latter is the case, he or she must ensure that all the logging of incoming and outgoing goods, as well as keeping on top of missing, late, lost or damaged goods and taking appropriate action. In this case the inventory manager will be overseeing members of staff, and could be responsible for implementing a robust system to ensure the inventory is managed precisely.

A constant drive for efficiency will also be part of the job. Whether through day-to-day actions that save money while maintaining customer satisfaction, or through strategic planning and the introduction of new systems, maintaining and improving efficiency will be vital.

The skills required

The role will require a good degree of self-motivation, as inventory management is a job where senior management will be more interesting in the figures than in the micro-management. The ability to analyse situations and act accordingly, with confidence in one’s own decisions, will be a key skill.

With much of the task being computerised, especially in multi-site management, a competence in all types of IT systems will be required, and particular skills in inventory management solutions will be valued.

The job might also require long and unsociable hours, so experience of this kind of work would stand candidates in good stead.

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