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Moving goods from one place to another is an important part of business in every sector - from manufacturing to construction, petrochemicals to retail and defence to medical.

That’s why the role of a Transport Director is so important. The person in this role is responsible for keeping goods and services on the move so orders can be completed quickly and delays - which could have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line - are prevented.

The Transport Director will plan and implement strategies, monitor results and take steps to correct any problems that might arise in regards to not meeting or exceeding established targets.

Depending on the situation, this could include reducing costs, finding ways to make efficiencies and ensuring adequate quality control checks are undertaken as appropriate.

The skills required

If you’re seeking a role as a Transport Director, you should have a demonstrable ability to manage a team and an understanding of supply chains and logistics operations. Knowledge of the relevant legislation is also beneficial.

An ability to communicate effectively is a must and you should feel comfortable presenting results and reports to clients and stakeholders, as well as explaining your needs to team members. In addition, organisation and record-keeping skills can be very useful.

You should be able to think analytically and be motivated to find ways to improve your department’s performance. What’s more, successful applicants must be able to deal with high-stress situations and make smart decisions quickly.

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