Production Planner

Production Planner

Successful manufacturers don’t fly by the seat of their pants – they are continuously monitoring the flow of components and raw materials, the capacity of their factories and storage facilities and the effectiveness of their supply chains. Furthermore, this monitoring and planning takes them far into the future, ensuring projected needs are met by making contracts with suppliers as well as warehousing and logistics companies to ensure flow is uninterrupted. Overseeing this strategic operation are the production planners.

Another production planning example is where a company is developing a new product to bring to market. The planner will work closely with R&D and sales internally, but also with external logistics, supply and storage operations to ensure needs are met throughout the process. They will also oversee seasonal needs.

The skills required

Production planner jobs will always ask for a few key skills at their heart. First and foremost will be a strategic mindset. Planners will be able to use their intuition, technology and an understanding of the sector to plan productivity well in advance. That includes a good feel for identifying bottlenecks and pitfalls that can derail the best laid plan.

They will also be familiar with contracts and nurturing trusting relationships with suppliers and clients, as well as internal parties. Much of production planners’ day-to-day productivity will be in the hands of other managers – their job is to keep the products flowing. This can only be achieved with excellent communications skills with the production team, suppliers, the board and all other parties that the operation depends upon.

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