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Facilities managers are charged with ensuring all logistics premises, vehicles and personnel are working efficiently, safely and within the regulations appropriate to the sector. The job description for facilities managers and directors is often quite wide, since busy depots, warehouses and distribution centres have so many simultaneous and interacting elements that need to be overseen in concert.

A new facilities manager will need to get up to speed very quickly with the contracts and regulations that determine his or her facility’s operation. A typical day might be split into many strands, including dealing with personnel and contract management, security, fire safety, vehicle safety, insurance and other appropriate tasks.

The facilities manager might also have a more direct role in the financial management of the facility, using the departments under his or her direct control to achieve savings and efficiencies without compromising safety, legal requirements or staff morale.

The skills required

Experience of the specific heath and safety requirements of the sector in which the facility operates will be a useful skill, along with an ability to manage personnel and communicate changes and routines with equal assertiveness.

A keen ability to keep track of budgets will also be required, as much of what the facilities manager does will be incurring expenses rather than increasing revenues.

A methodical personality, able to keep track of potentially dozens of distinct areas of facilities management, will be a key attribute in such a diverse role. Understanding and good working use of common IT solutions such as spreadsheeting, word processing and presentation software will help with the task.

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