Customs Compliance Manager

Customs Compliance Manager

Wherever there are imports and exports, there are two or more jurisdictions with potentially very different legal frameworks. And there are also free trade zones where customs play a minor part, as long as there are other rules in place regarding sourcing, manufacture, materials and so on. Of course, if you’re a customs compliance manager, you’ll be well aware of all this layperson’s stuff – and you’ll know all about the hurdles and paperwork required to get products across international borders.

Customs compliance manager jobs require people with a good understanding of the legal aspects of imports and exports in logistics, who will be able to apply that knowledge to a busy freight operation. They’ll be working alongside cargo managers and other logistics team members to ensure the path from country to country is as smooth as possible. Rejection of cargo at a far-flung port is not an option.

The skills required

Much of the work of the customs compliance manager is done using specialist software, so you’ll be expert in the various solutions, or one particular brand for some positions. You’ll need to know exactly where to look to find specific, accurate, up-to-date rules for the import and export of certain products, and may need to study the regulations from entirely new jurisdictions if the employer is expanding.

The role will also require you to keep on top of the state of the law in the destination and originating nations, including potential law changes and political shifts that could have a strategic impact on your business. A legal background can therefore be useful.

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Customs compliance manager positions

Nobody needs to remind a UK citizen that rules surrounding customs and trade can change on a whim, and that the implementation can be fuzzy and unpredictable. But the same can apply between any two trading nations. That’s why customs compliance managers are in demand more than ever before.

If you’ve got the know-how and the experience to make sure a supply chain operation gets its products through international ports with the minimum of delay, your skills are needed right now. Please follow the link below to register as a candidate.

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