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Senior Accountant

The accounts of any organisation are its lifeblood, and are the basis for calculating its performance, risks and investment opportunities. That’s why larger businesses will have whole teams of accountants monitoring and measuring the finances, and paying and charging the various people they work with. Accountants come in a range of specialisms and levels of experience, and the senior accountant is someone who has shown impressive aptitude in their field.

Usually positioned just below management or executive accountants in a business’s finance department, senior accountant jobs are not normally managerial themselves, but often involve training and assistance to junior accountants and onboarders. They will, however, be a trusted voice for accountancy managers, who appreciate that the senior accountant’s understanding of a specific financial matter could well exceed their own.

The skills required

As the name suggests, senior accountants won’t be freshly qualified at CIMA, AAT, ACCA, AIA or ICAEW level, but they will have augmented one of these qualifications with several years’ experience and a proven track record working in a busy accountancy department. 

You’ll need to be thoroughly comfortable dealing with clients and suppliers, and should have an in-depth understanding of the sector that the role occupies, as there can be large differences between the financial and legal requirements of various sectors. Senior accountant jobs are often seen as stepping stones to managerial positions, although a lot of accountants are perfectly happy simply dealing with the numbers for their whole careers. 

Senior Accountant Jobs in Kent

Often called the Garden of England due to its spectacular greenery, Kent is a county in the south-east.

Much of Kent is surrounded by water, with coastlines on the North Sea and the English Channel. It shares borders with Sussex, Surrey and Essex. What's more, Kent is a Home County with parts within the London commuter belt, so it's an ideal location for those seeking Senior Accountant opportunities.

Throughout its history, Kent has been an important location. During the Middle Ages, the Cathedral at Canterbury became a destination for pilgrims worldwide, after Thomas Becket was murdered there in 1170. Meanwhile, the River Medway had a naval dockyard for around 500 years before it was shut in 1984.

These days, Kent is known for everything from cement and brick making through to shipbuilding, aircraft design and power, while retail, tourism and the service sector are also important.

Just some of the companies based in Kent, or with large facilities, include KEF Metalworking and Kimberly-Clark. Meanwhile, Aylesford is a large paper recycling facility that manufactures newsprint.

In addition, Dover is an important port town, particularly for ferries to the continent, while cruise lines like MSC, Fred Olsen, Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Saga depart regularly to destinations around the world.

Popular locations

Looking for a senior accountant?

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