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Sector Overview

The top players in the FMCG sector are recognised for their ability to produce the items that are in highest consumer demand while, at the same time, developing brand loyalty as household names.

  • Since the 2008 economic downturn consumers are increasingly price conscious and vigilant about value. FMCG players have had to respond to that by launching more value products while retaining quality and brand loyalty.
  • High volume production and distribution from ‘store to door’ means that a massive emphasis is placed on the supply chain, sustainability and operational models to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • The grocery market accounts for 51.3p in every £1 of UK retail sales (IGC).
  • Food & Drink represents the largest manufacturing sector in the UK  - 14% (source UKTI).
  • The sector is always evolving – 40% of brands on the Top 100 list twenty years ago have already been replaced by new names.
  • FMCG companies are constantly innovating and thinking of the next ‘big thing’ to meet consumers’ needs.

Sector Details

It’s true to say that there is never a dull moment in FMCG. By definition, it’s a sector that never stands still – something that’s high on our agenda too. It’s an excellent industry for career progression, suited to those with an appetite to succeed in a working environment where every day is different.

  • We recruit roles in FMCG across all our specialisms; from buying and merchandising to supply chain, logistics, procurement and purchasing.
  • FMCG brands thrive on consumer loyalty so they also invest a great deal in being recognised as employer brands who value their people.
  • As a high value sector, you can find yourself managing multi-million pound accounts and becoming part of a brand’s national, or even global, success stories. This makes FMCG an extremely rewarding career choice.

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